Monday, September 24, 2012

Motion Photography

For this assignment, we were supposed to try to catch motion in two ways: as blurred motion and frozen (stop) motion.  These are my three best of each.

Blurred 1 (this one and another will not upload well... weird internet connection)
Focal Length: 48
F#: 4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/80

Blurred 2
Focal Length: 48
F#: 22
Shutter Speed: 0.4

Blurred 3
Focal Length: 35
F#: 5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/25

Blurred 4 (this one won't upload properly for some reason)
Focal Length: 42
F#: 4
Shutter Speed: 1/13

Stop 1

Stop 2
Focal Length: 58
F#: 5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/80

Stop 3

Taken with iPhone or Canon EOS 450D

Monday, September 17, 2012

Landscape Assignment

So, I was absent last Thursday for my photography class, but my classmates said they went over landscape photography.  I went out on Scotsgrove property, right around the barn, and these I think are my best 5.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

North Tyger bridge

I took these yesterday (9/10/12) of the old concrete bridge over the North Tyger.  It's located off of 296 between Simon Rd. and 290.

 This is the bridge, as you might see it from the road. Larger aperture.

One of the supports.  It was underexposed, so I altered it a little so you can see what's in shadow.

 I like the framing on this one.

I thought about Brandon Lopera's love for graffiti when I took this one. There was more on the other sides.  Obviously, this is a hangout for kids in the surrounding area. Smallish aperture.

A macro shot, showing some maturing pollen and a log in the background that I had to scoot under or climb over to get down next to the river.

The supports were showing through where the water had started the wear away the concrete.  I'm not sure when they stopped using this bridge.

Showing all the water stains.

This one was pretty neat--the reflected light showing the underside of the arch, and the new bridge behind it.

These next two were of the same subject, but one was taken with a faster shutter speed than the other. One is overexposed in the lit areas, while the other is underexposed in the shadowed areas.  I have no idea how to combine them though!!

DT S-burg, part 2

The internet here at home is being really shoddy, so I haven't been able to get but pieces of this post at a time.  Here's the second bit!

The next part of the assignment was to take a photo with a really large aperture, but I couldn't get anything in focus for anything larger than an f/8 aperture, so that's what this is! It was taken with a 1/60 shutter speed. Most of the others are f/5.6 or less.

It was also suggested that we take photos with long and short focal lengths, but my lens is fixed at 50mm, so the best I could do was a close and a far focal POINT.  Not the same thing, unfortunately.

The last part of the assignment was to choose 5 photos from our shoot that describe our relationship with the city.  Although I grew up in Spartanburg county and I know my way fairly well around the Downtown, I am more familiar with the other parts of town and the suburbs.  So, the city is like a familiar stranger.  My eye is usually caught by more organic things, not city-scapes. But here's what I got that I liked:

I surprised myself when I saw that these two photos were almost the exact same color scheme and composition.

Not sure what these men were cleaning out, but it looked like no fun.

This man looked like he thought I was some crazy artist. Not exactly sure what he was doing with that air canister... But the doors on this building were painted to look like glass doors.

This little gem was on the opposite corner of the (missing) building where I took the black duct photo.

I liked the contrast between the old brick and the new satellite dishes.

This one is a little odd on the white balance, but I haven't played with it yet.

This one, I liked the "white" sky.  It makes this building seem all the more like it's going to fall to the horizontal on my computer screen.

Downtown Spartanburg

I took these last Thursday during class time.  Sorry it took so long to get them up! Some of the photos were taken with a particular intent.  Some I'm afraid I couldn't do because my lens has a fixed focal length (50mm and that's IT). So, goals this week? Get an FD-EOS adapter so I can use the macro lens I have, and look into getting a wide-angle lens!!

This first photos show a shallow depth of field.  The aperture of the bricks photo was f/4. I was drawn to it because I always like brick walls that aren't quite complete, and this one still had a brick that moved.
The second one is an even smaller aperture at f/2.  I saw a few others that have this subject on their site, and I took one with the focus farther up the wall, but then I focused close up on that first duct and found that you could see the shadowy reflection of a tall plant.  That and the blurry background divided by the very clear edge of the pipe held a lot of visual interest for me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just added a list of my DigPh classmates!! It should show up on the right.  Please go enjoy their work!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trip to Riverbanks Botanical Gardens

45 of the photos from the weekend came out alright, but I am choosing about 10 from the botanical gardens, and a few more from the weekend to show you guys.

While staying with a friend over this beautiful Labor Day Weekend, I took a trip to the Riverbanks Botanical Gardens so I could take some photographs with the DSLR (Digital SLR) camera.  

Before that, I took a few photos of my cat, Rajah.  He is a perfect model =9